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This coffee is a real gem! The pleasure starts already when you grind this coffee and that beautiful and distinct geisha fragrence of gingerbread hits you!


Farm: La Dinastía

Variety: Geisha

Altitude: 1550 MASL

Lot: Lot 2

Harvest: February 2023


Wilder Lasso is actually a vet but as the coffee price continued to decline in 2016 and his father fell seriously ill, he decided to turn his attentions to the farm together with his brother.


Despite elaborate processes, initially their coffees scored between 80-83 points on the cupping scale. Wilder started examining soil samples and using targeted nutrients and fertilizers to neutralize the pH value in order to improve the quality of the coffee. He refers to this appraoch as precision agriculture.


The anaerobic fermentation of this coffee emphasizes the character of the coffee. Wilder Lasso ensures that the soil is very well supplied with nutrients. Then, the fully ripe, extremely large fruits are harvested and washed in water tanks to separate them from impurities and floating beans.


This Geisha should taste just like plain variety and not overly processed: floral, delicate, tealike but with more tropical character with notes of gingerbread. This is why he chose an anaerobic dry fermentation. Submerged fermentation results in more deep florals, richer body, but dry fermentation highlights brightness and bright florals.


Wilder Lasso Colombia Geisha anaerobic washed process

1 Pound
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