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about curious coffee

My name is Mike Bawden and I am a coffee roaster and coffee educator. I have over twenty years experience in teaching and course development. I have been a coffee enthusiast for over twenty years too, but things really started to get out of hand when I got my first espresso machine in 2015. From this moment on I spent every free moment brewing coffee at home and learning everything I could about it on my own and with the help of books and online materials. Over this time the passion grew steadily, but in 2022 I stepped things up considerably when I bought an Aillio Bullet coffee roaster and worked on my sensory skills in a much more structured way. I took sensory training courses, brewed with world barista championship baristas, cupped coffee with some of the Berlin's best and met up with my dear friend and mentor Fey Chen every week. I consider myself immensely lucky to have learnt so much from others and to now be able to share my passion with others here both online and in Michigan.


Curious coffee has two main pillars: high quality roasted coffee and coffee education. With my roasted coffees I aim to offer a range of coffees for those curious to try different coffees. Whether you're after a chocolaty rich espresso or a fruit-forward filter coffee, I should have just the thing for you. Everyone who is curious about coffeee is welcome. From fall 2024 you will be able to purchase roasted coffee online and in my roastery. There will also be an attached cafe and education space and more! I am so happy that I now have the time to devote myself to roasting, cupping and experimenting with coffee and I can't wait to share the fruits of my labour with you all!

The coffee education will include online courses and face-to-face courses in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I want to share some of what I’ve learnt over the years with you and help you shortcut the process to great coffee at home. With the courses I offer, I strive to combine my expertise in teaching and course design with my love of coffee. My learning about coffee continues and my struggles as a budding home barista are recent enough that I know exactly the kind of problems you may be facing. I am proud to offer specific courses tailored to the home barista’s needs to help you produce wonderful coffee yorurself at home. 

In addition to these courses, I want to share free information with my blog and podcast series. The podcast episodes can be found hereon my site, on soundcloud, spotify and apple podcasts.

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Teacher for life and life long learner; I’ve got twenty years teaching experience and my struggles as a home barista are not so far back that I can’t remember them

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