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As we now know thanks to the work of Café Imports and RD2 Vision the pink bourbon variety is not actually a bourbon at all, but rather a Ethiopian landrance variety. This wonderful example of the variety was grown by Jairo Arcila on the farm Santa Monica, Colombia. The cherries were exposed to 30 hours of underwater fermentation before being pulped. The parchment was then gently washed and then dried in temperature-controlled conditions until the ideal moisture content was achieved.







Pink bourbon


Armenia, Quindio


Volcanic Ash


18-28 °C

Annual rainfall

1800-2000 mm



The roast

I roasted this coffee in many iterations over a period of several weeks to come up with my preferred profile. All the iterations were solid, but some really made this coffee shine. I had moments of frustration as even very small adjustments to the roast made a very noticeable difference in the cup, when cupped in parallel. The roast that I settled on was fairly fast and light with quite a low end temperature. The total roast time was 8:50, hitting first crack at 7:30 and allowing 1:20 development time. All roasts were completed on the Aillio bullet.


The coffee works well as both a bright and juicy filter coffee and fruit-forward and complex espresso.


If you have the lotus water kit this coffee works really well with my "bright and juicy" recipe which is what I was using when I refined the roast. I also used a samo bloom to elevate the sweetness.

JAIRO ARCILA – SANTA MONICA Pink bourbon washed process

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