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This is my favourite coffee this year! It is so complex and clean. I just wish I had bought more of it!!





Wush wush


Black honey

flavour profile    

Pineapple, elderberry, red wine, flowers




The roast

For this coffee I settled on a fast and light profile with a low end temperature to boost acidity and let the complexity shine! Every iteration of this coffee tasted amazing but for me this one had the best balance. The total roast time was 7:55 with first crack occuring at 7:15 and just 40 seconds development time.



This coffee is a tropical fruit bomb which reveals new flavours each time I brew it and as it rests! I brewed this exclusively as filter but I have no doubt that it would would also work well as espresso. (I just didn't want to waste a single bean of it dialing it in.)

Sebastián Ramírez, Colombia Wush Wush - black honey process

1 Pound
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